Adam Rice

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Shamanic Releasing (DE/EN)
Shamanism has connected me to the earth, the elements and to the spirit world in profound ways. The wisdom of the ancients is a knowledge that has been passed down for generations, and their rituals, traditions and ceremonies are directly connected to the planet and, therefore, use Mother Earth to help us humans come back into the flow of our own true natures. The Shamanic releasing ritual is a practice to help let go of stress, traumas, limiting beliefs and energetic blockages in order to bring our bodies and souls back into balance.
Reiki (DE/EN)
During a Reiki session, a combination of sacred symbols and specific hand placements above your body serve as a channel for Universal Source Energy. Reiki draws from outside energy and this limitless energy can rebalance your chakras, release stress or trauma, and make you feel “lighter” overall.
Coaching (DE/EN)
Due to our upbringing, cultural influences, social pressure, religions and other conditionings, each of us has been pushed out of our truths, our authenticity, to a certain extent. Without the truth, there is nothing. Your truth is your direction. It is your sign post, your anchor. It is who you are. Whether you are trying to find your truth in your relationships, work, creativity or life’s purpose, we need a holistic approach to create a truly balanced life. I use a number of modalities from talk to embodiment exercises, to help you work through a difficult circumstance, or understand and uncover your long-term direction.
Men’s Work (DE/EN)
I work with men who are interested in moving beyond the standard tropes of “toxic masculinity” and machoism towards a more balanced and conscious life. Men who are not afraid to challenge themselves by confronting their shadow sides, opening their hearts, and uncovering their truths. From creating a “life plan” to exploring sacred sexuality, relational intimacy and radical honesty, this work will shine a light on those things holding you back from achieving your true potential, abundance and joy in your relationships.

What to expect:
My work is grounded in the archetypes of the Warrior, King, Magician and Lover. Only when all of these attributes are aligned, can one be in complete balance, and tap into the flow of one’s true potential

Master Level Reiki Certification, 7 years study & working in the Shipibo shamanic tradition (Peru), “Geistheiler” certification, 20+ years yoga & meditation teaching

Life wisdom:
GRATITUDE is the seed of all love. The more gratitude we express and put out into the world, the more love we create and receive back.

Favourite book:
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

“I used to be a “type-A” overachiever, trying constantly to live up to the expectations of what I felt society wanted me to be. I was chasing this idea of success, but was disconnected from my authentic self, and what my heart’s true desire was. The pressure was immense, and the stress it created as well. What was I trying to prove, and to whom?

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon yoga & meditation after suffering years of pain from my time as a Junior Olympic wrestler, that I began to let go. Let go of expectation, of competitiveness, and preconceived notions of who I was supposed to be. That softening brought me closer to my True Self.”