Annika Pfeiffer

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Aroma Coaching & Massage (EN)
Deeply effective combination of aromatherapy, body & mental coaching and wellness.From over 50 essential oils 1-3 fragrances are chosen, matching your current life themes and desires. With the chosen essences you will be moved into deep relaxation and subtle levels - where you are allowed to arrive, find something or let go. A unique blend of essential oils will be created, which you will take home as a roll-on (10 ML) for your ongoing process work.
Aroma Coaching & Massage (DE)
Tiefenwirksame Kombination aus Aromatherapie, Körper- und Mental Coaching und Wellness. Aus über 50 ätherischen Ölen werden 1-3 Düfte ausgewählt, passend zu deinen aktuellen Lebensthemen und Wünschen. Mit den ausgewählten Essenzen wirst du in tiefe Entspannung und feinstoffliche Ebenen hinein geführt - dorthin wo du ankommen, etwas finden oder loslassen darfst. Es wird eine einzigartige Mischung ätherischer Öle hergestellt, die du als Roll-on (10 ML) für deine weitere Prozessarbeit mit nach Hause nimmst.

What to expect:
I use the effects of essential oils for holistic regeneration, relaxation and the spiritual process of awakening.

200h+ Certified Aromatherapy Expert, Certified Holistic Nutritional Advisor

Life wisdom:
If I do not feel it, I cannot understand it. If I do not understand it, I cannot feel it.

Favourite book:
Woman Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“The untameable longing for more. The longing for truthfulness. The taste and smell of Mother Earth and the tough, colorful Berlin. To bring a child into the world and to be allowed to accompany it. To be loved, understood and seen as a woman and sister. The conviction that everything can and may be felt, to be able to express it.

The basic needs for freedom, security, safety and connection. Living relationship. Ecstasy. Silence. Goose bumps all over my body, tears of happiness and pain… have brought me here. Love & life have brought me to this path.