Catharina Caterba

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Holistic Coaching (DE/EN)
Together we will work resource-oriented on your self-development and self-reflection, enabling you to experience more self-efficacy and self-competence in all aspects of your daily life. I usually focus on coping strategies and communication skills, because communication is the key to our relationships, with ourselves and all those around us. We will also do consciousness- and awareness-training, especially focused on your mindset, beliefs, thought patterns and inner dialogues. Based on positive psychology and your individual topic I will also use tools like affirmations, anchors, metaphors, beliefs, reframing, goal-setting-models, constellation work and methods of multisensorial learning.

What to expect:
My work is based on positive psychology & (hypno)systemic concepts. We will work with you on your self-efficacy and self-competence.

Psychologist (M.Sc.), Certified Coach (DVNLP), Certified NLP Trainer, Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapie, Certified Trainer for Multimodal Stress Management, 1-year meditation training with an Ayurveda Master

Life wisdom:
Go inside – everything you desire is already within you!

Favourite book:
The four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

“We tend to perceive our reality more in a dualistic rather than holistic way. As a common outcome we systematically separate between the Body and the Mind and ME and THE OTHER. Also our connection to nature, to ourselves as natural beings suffers a lot from our lifestyle.

My personal realization was that even if we might be alone – we are ALL ONE!
To reconnect with this truth, my inner truth, meditation in all its magical forms and styles is my key!