Elke Kalupar

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Guided Movement Meditation (DE/EN)
Experience deep mind-body awareness in this intimate and personal session, where you will be guided through a continuous movement flow that connects you back to your purest self. Going beyond thinking and talking allows you to refocus your attention and tune into your body. By listening from within, you will understand your actual needs and wishes your body is reflecting. Learn to become an observer of your experience, meeting your blocks and shadows with a sense of self-care, letting go of the tendency to be judgmental or self-critical. I will assist you to release muscular tensions and emotions to reshape your nervous system, empowering you to enter complete self-acceptance.

What to expect:
Building a bridge between mind and body – allowing your body to speak.

Professional Contemporary Dancer, B.Sc. in Sports Science

Life wisdom:
The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness

Favourite book:
Leben ist Bewegung by Gabrielle Roth

“When I was younger I struggled to express myself, I was very shy – many times I would hold back. Afraid to say the wrong thing. Afraid to not fit in. I did not have an outlet for my emotions. When I started to dance and find my own movement it was a blessing.

I found my channel of expression – translating my emotions into my body and releasing them through it. I built confidence within my body and trusted myself to develop my own voice.