Malou Tschöke

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Self-Love Coaching (DE/EN)
Imagine, you love yourself. Imagine, you are enough. Your heart feels warm and open when you think about yourself. You are in a place of complete abundance. Your relationships appear to you as the reflection of your self-love. You take full responsibility for yourself by making yourself the #1 priority in your life. Self-love coaching helps you to: Embrace and love your inner child, transform limiting beliefs, change the mindset “I am not enough” into “I am enough” and attract ease and abundance into your life.
ThetaHealing® (DE/EN)
Are there things in your life that you can not change despite massive effort and energy you have put into it? Do you want to go deeper and reprogram your unconsciousness? In this ThetaHealing® sessions I use a form of meditation that provides one with access to the highest forces of transformation by bringing the brain into a theta condition. In a theta state it is possible to connect with the unconsciousness and remove deep blockages. Possible topics for ThetaHealing are: change limiting beliefs, create abundance in your life, uncover connections between current problems and childhood experiences, resolve “problems” at the root.

What to expect:
Together we work through blockages that keep you from loving yourself unconditionally. That can include shadow work, inner child work and working with limiting beliefs. My tools are visualizations, meditations, body-centered exercises as well as energy work.

Certified Spiritual Life Counsellor, Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Life wisdom:
If reality is a construct, why not construct it in the best possible way? Favourite book: The keys to the heart by Safi Nidiaye

Favorite book:
The keys to the heart by Safi Nidiaye

“To me, spirituality means to take full responsibility for myself and for my life. It means to look at all the parts within myself that are craving for healing and find ways to integrate them. So on an individual level spirituality is linked to self-healing and self-responsibility, which happens through consciousness and love.

And on a collective level spirituality means for me to evolve from a materialistic society – a society with people who do not like their jobs, who long for things they do not need to fill their inner emptiness – to a society that is based on love, consciousness and compassion.