Marisol von Rosty

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Energy Treatment (DE/EN)
Thanks to the power of what I call in my field “subtle energies”, it is possible for me to recognize the deep rooted causes which lay beneath the surface and are responsible for the more actual symptoms. I use my hands as a bridge to channel these subtle energies.

What to expect:
I see myself as a channel of energy and light, helping you to unblock the most vital energy centers in your body. 

Through a process of education and training, I was led onto the path to self-healing and towards feeling whole being taught by the great healer Susanne Krogmann. Further teaching and educational seminars have taken me to Israel, Egypt and Bali… among other inspiring places.

Life wisdom:
The most important hour is always the present one. The most important person is always the one who is facing you right now. The most important thing to do is to love, always (Meister Eckhart).

Favourite book:
The Choice by Dr. Edith Eva Eger

Booking upon request: please send email to

“Today and every day I want to extend my hand to people to look beyond the obvious.  I see myself as a channel and bridge of higher energy and light. Physical and mental illnesses are often an expression of blockages caused by energetic imbalances.
I have been there myself. Many years ago sudden panic attacks determined my everyday life.

With the help of a dear energetic healer and teacher, I finally succeeded to overcome this part of myself. This profound shift led me to a path of many years in training, to offer energetic treatments myself. It is now my deepest desire to help people and share my way of understanding. Through subtle energies I support you on your way to self-healing.