Marlene Schmitt

What I teach at ŌHIA:

Teaching style:
Sharing yoga to me means holding a space where my students can let go of the everyday worries and thoughts to simply BE. Arriving fully in the moment where they can be present with their breath, their body and their mind.

800h+ Certified Yoga Teacher, trained in Hatha, Vinyasa & Ashtanga, Yoga Therapy Practitioner based on Ayurveda & TCM and myofascial sequencing

Life wisdom:
I try to not stick to one life wisdom, but just keep my eyes, mind & heart open.

Favourite book:
The Source by Tara Swart

“L ooking back on the path that brought me to where I am now, gives me deep trust in the flow of life and makes me realize that life unfolds naturally, if you just allow it to.  I never planned to dive so deeply into the world of yoga. Which is kind of unusual as I am a virgo, so I naturally like to control things and plan how they turn out.

Nevertheless, I feel deeply connected with my life purpose (Dharma) at the moment, sharing this wisdom and knowledge with all of you. I now know that to find your truth you simply have to be present, to listen in & to make honest choices aligned with who you really are.