Panch Nishan Khalsa

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Calming Breath, Meditation

Teaching style:
Presenting the ancient teachings of yoga in a modern context is a skill that I find important to introduce yoga in a way that people can integrate it into their daily lives to improve communication, relationships, and vitality in order to be successful in all aspects of life.

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Lead Teacher Trainer with 20+ years teaching experience, Certified Systemic Coach & Trainer

Life wisdom:
Love is the Answer.

Favourite book:
The Gift by Hafiz

“Through all odds and obstacles can I authentically smile? This is spirituality to me. To be able to put things in perspective and ‘see the forest for the trees’. To be here now and at the same time see the broader reality in which we are all apart, all connected, vaster than this reality, this dramatic play of life. Spirituality is that I live my life with my spirit stronger than the pressures of life. Can I find kindness and act from here?

I’ve learned that kindness doesn’t mean doing what everyone wants. Kindness is sometimes that tough decision, to live your truth when others want something different from you. It is a commitment to live my values and embody my principles. Living in a state of happiness of Chardi Kala – a rising spirit. It’s not that I don’t get down – but spirituality for me is a commitment to ever rising – an invincible spirit.