Sarah Scholz

What I teach at ŌHIA:

Teaching style:
I guide my classes with energy, passion and joy. I hold space for you to let go, open your heart and express yourself through movement.

200h Certified Multi Style Yoga Teacher, Professional Modern Dancer (graduated from Berlin Dance Institute), Certified Movement Pedagogue

Life wisdom:
Dip into your own soul. What calls to your heart. What moves your spirit. Make your life dance to the song of your own essence!

Favourite book:
Inner Engineering by Sadhguru

“All I ever wanted was to dance. To me, it was pure joy and my way of self-expression. That’s why I became a professional dancer. But during this period of intensive training, I often went beyond my physical and mental limits. Always checking myself in the mirror and focusing on what was not perfect – the body shape, the expression or the dance technique. This constant judging and striving for perfection weakened my self-esteem.

I longed to feel light and connected to myself again. The path to spirituality and training as a yoga teacher gave my heart a home again. I discovered self-love. I was more forgiving with myself and felt empowered to create a space for real emotions. No mirrors, no perfection, just flowing, breathing and feeling. An experience that simply makes me feel alive and unified with body, mind and soul.