Aleks Kop

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation

Teaching style:
Light and inclusive. In my classes you will feel in the flow, you will be challenged and at the same nurtured with a variety of modifications and down, self care times.

300h Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher, 100h Certified Yoga Life Awakening Mastermind

Life wisdom:
We don’t have to do it alone. Your community is an extension of you, luid it, nurture it, lean on it and create within it. The change comes from one to many.

Favourite book:
Conversations with God 1 by  N. D. Walsch

About Aleks:
Aleks focuses on inspiring spirituality and wellbeing through her Confidence & Spiritual Business Coaching programs, extensive Yoga Movement guidance and numerous brand events. To her, coming back home to ourselves and creating more space for understanding, equality and compassion is so needed to move forward in nowadays world. Every practice for her is a story, a connection of body, mind, soul & to everything that’s around us.

“My dad took me to yoga for the first time when I was 17. I was so sad after my first broken heart. After an hour of Hatha, lying in savasana I turned to my dad with a smile on my face and said – Let’s go eat pizza! The wholesomeness of this practice is everything to me and has truly transformed my life.

The asanas practice works into almost every single muscle of our bodies, it detoxes our inner organs and it unites our mind, soul and body. Every-time I step on the mat, I step out of the chaos and enter the world of balance, peace & confidence. Connect to disconnect.