Alisa Feist

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Astrology (DE/EN)
In an astrology session with me I read your astrological chart which is determined by the time, place and date of your birth. It is a snapshot of the skies at the moment you took your first breath. This snapshot tells us about you, your life and “what time it is” in your life. Whether you are in need of direction or are simply curious, an astrological reading will serve as a great navigation tool. I will dive deeply into your unique path and we will explore what the stars tell us about your character, childhood, talents, career to the elements of your past-life, karma and your soul mission. Astrology is very practical - by identifying your personal cycles and coming up with strategies on how to deal with them.

What to expect:
I love seeing how this profound tool helps people to get into their strength, finally make peace with their traumas and relationships, getting out of the victim role and mastering life with gratitude, and a greater sense of meaning and trust.

Psychological and Karmic Astrology

Life wisdom:
You’re enough.

Favourite book:
Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, On Secrets of the Universe by Edgar Cayce

“My path was very much influenced by my mother who is also an astrologer. When I was a child I was absolutely stunned by the way she produced every chart using her calculator and ephemeris tables, drawing everything by hand – just using a compass and a ruler. It inspired me to study astrology myself.

Until today, after 25 years of learning, I am still fascinated how the stars can serve us as precise navigation tools for our lives. The stars will always be able to show you the way in a loving, caring and effective way.”