Anke Wolfert

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Reiki (DE/EN)
Reiki, the magic touch, is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy work. It removes energy blockages in mind, body and spirit, rebalances your chakras and brings you into a deep state of relaxation. It's a combination of sacred symbols and specific hand placements above your body that serve as a channel for universal energy.
Holistic Gua Sha Face & Body Massage (DE/EN)
In a holistic Gua Sha Massage I use a chinese healing stone for massaging your face and body. The purpose of Gua Sha is to relax the surrounding muscles and to draw toxins out from deep within the muscles. This helps your body flush them out and nourish the local area with fresh blood.
Holistic Prenatal Massage (DE/EN)
What is good for you is good for your baby. Pregnancy is a time of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change. Allow me to support you in transitioning into motherhood. Are you experiencing tension in your neck and head, shoulders, wrists and hands, rib cage pain, lower back, hip pain, or swelling in your legs, ankles and feet? Or do you simply need a quiet place for deep relaxation and nurturing touch? Bring yourself home to your body. Soften your nervous system, reduce muscle tension and improve circulation of blood and lymph flow. Optimal circulation enhances your uterine blood supply for the health of your baby.

What to expect:
I see myself as a channel of energy and light, helping you to unblock the most vital energy centers in your body. I mainly work with my hands and crystals rather than words.

Reiki Level 1, Holistic beautician, hair and make-up therapist

Life wisdom:
My intuition is my superpower.

Favourite book:
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

“Since I can remember, I always felt very connected with nature. I loved herbs, flowers, plants and natural beauty. At the age of 10, I already started making my self-made masks and therapeutic baths and created flower arrangements to give away. Ever since, I felt that my purpose in life is to help people on their path to heal, to bring light into their lives using nature and its energies.


So here I am many moons later, with a lot of experiences in holistic beauty areas and energy work, living my life’s purpose. A session with me is a treatment for your mind, body and soul.