Indre Ezerskyte

What I teach at ŌHIA:

Teaching style:
creative, fun, and functional

Level 3 Pilates Teacher Training @ Body Control Pilates (BCP, UK), Pre-& Post-Natal Course (BCP, UK), Pilates for Performance (BCP, UK), Pilates for Runners (BCP, UK), Pilates with Band (BCP, UK)

Life wisdom:
Kindness comes at no expense

Favourite Book:
The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates

“When creating my class plans, I want my sessions to be creative, fun, and functional. Therefore, I design the classes for clients to be challenged and engaged throughout but without feeling overwhelmed due to complicated Pilates moves that are out there in the world. As a mover and a movement teacher, I consider myself a movement optimist. Rather than prescribing old-fashioned “good or bad exercise”, I encourage people to start moving, trust their bodies and believe in themselves.

Still, a performance artist at heart, I want to give my clients a journey of various movements within a mat session. Pilates, which I love to teach, is much more than core-strengthening exercises. I love to remind people that we also have ankles, fingers and other body parts that need to be addressed with care love and movement.