Maike Lena

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Ultimate Full Body Massage (DE/EN)
Experience the Ultimate Full Body Massage, designed to address your tired muscles and to induce a state of gentle relaxation. Through a combination of deep tissue techniques and soothing strokes, we will release tension and promote deep rejuvenation. Allow yourself to unwind completely as we create a serene environment with calming music and aromatherapy. Reconnect with your body and let go of any physical or mental discomfort, unlocking a sense of peace and restoration. Embrace this opportunity to recharge and discover the incredible benefits that await on the other side of your tiredness and tension.

What to expect:
A holistic massage experience to fully relax your mind and release muscular tension.

Certified Massage Practitioner in classic massage, lymphatic drainage, and sports massage

Life wisdom:
Your body tells you what you need, try to listen carefully

Favourite book:
Tyll” by Daniel Kehlmann, a true master in the art of living

“To have a healthy community around is a precious gift in a world full of loneliness. So I came to ask myself: What is my contribution to this community? I am massaging people to communicate to the world: “We are all in this together. You are not alone. Every being is worthy of love.” 

Very often I enjoy the energy of people around me and thus, it seems logical to give some energy back with my massages. Next to that, my role model in life is the character Phoebe from the show “Friends” – the funny, lovely, quirky massage practitioner, remember?