Fanny Akasha

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Yin Yoga, Yin & Sound, Vinyasa Yoga into Yin, Sound Baths

Teaching style:
Looking for harmony between the body & mind

Yin, Hatha & Vinyasa certified, Ayurveda health counselor certified, Yoga therapy for Women’s health certified, Sound healing certified

Life wisdom:
“If you listen to your body when it whispers….you won’t have to hear it scream.” Cherokee proverb

Favourite Book:
The body keeps the score, Van der Kolk

“Yoga helped me to cultivate a sense of inner peace and safety. It allows me to surrender to undergoing the journey inwards with the purpose of holding a new, nurturing space for the self into which we grow. In doing this for the self we learn the skill which allows us to do it for those in our community thus propagating a sense of healing and belonging.

The path of practicing and teaching yoga has been a transformative journey. What makes Yoga so unique is the body-mind connection which is the biggest learning, practice and ongoing process.