Marie Höcker

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Jivamukti Yoga, Pre- & Postnatal Yoga, Yin Yoga & Sound, Meditation, Human Design, Womb Healing

Teaching style:
Affirming, exploration of strength & softness, intuitive, interdisciplinary, honest

800 Hour Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Body Temple Dance Teacher, Sound Meditation Training (Soneiro Collective), Sacred Birth Worker Mentorship & Doula (Sacred Birth International)

Life wisdom:

Favourite book:
Nāda Yoga by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, The Only Dance There Is by Ram Dass

About Marie:
Over the past ten years Marie has been on the path of deepening self-knowledge, inner wisdom and connection. After being deeply immersed into the yogic teachings and becoming a yoga teacher, she additionally turned toward more feminine practices like intuitive movement (Body Temple Dance), Sound healing (Soneiro Collective) and womb healing (Sacred Birth Worker Mentorship by Anna Lundqvist). She works with women intimately in women circles. as well as a birth doula and is passionate about the healing journey of the masculine and feminine. She holds space with devotion and dedication and firmly believes that when we remember the sacred way of the feminine, we can heal this earth.

“To me it is a deep and subtle knowing of a connection, a being. We all find different words for that. A moment in moment experience.


I don’t believe it is something we can do. Only to discover, uncover, be in touch with. And I bow to that from my whole heart.