Sabina Ahmetspahic

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Holistic Therapy (DE/EN)
Although a trauma echo creates suffering, we are very often unconsciously loyal to our survival behaviour patterns and conditioned beliefs. If you allow yourself to touch the root of your pain and to hold it with all of your heart's presence and consciousness, the hungry ghosts of the past will lose their power. You will transform your wounds in an alchemical process into treasures and gold. While uncovering your innermost with acceptance and kindness you will find your true essence, wholeness and love. As a holistic therapist I am offering you a loving field for awarenessing and guiding you into forgotten landscapes of your soul.
Spiritual Coaching (DE/EN)
To live consciously in alignment with your soul and the source, means living from and with your heart. When you recall this anchor and follow your guiding voice inside, everything falls into the right place and life enfolds it’s greatest miracles. Either you are spiritually interested or you are already on the path and go through a spiritual crisis, or you want to raise your frequencies higher and purify or activate your channel: you will benefit from profound treasures of experience and wisdom to remember, reconnect and deepen your inner dialogue.

What to expect:
My therapeutic approach is holistic, emotion-based and integrated. I combine various therapy methods with buddhistic psychology, spiritual elements and neuroscience. I offer a space in which emotional wounds and limiting beliefs can be seen, held and transformed to increase and gain self acceptance, self-awareness, personal freedom and healing.

Heilpraktiker Psychotherapy, various trainings in the field of schema therapy, trauma therapy, coaching, inner child work, systemic therapy, mindfulness & self-compassion, shamanic healing and buddhistic psychology

Life wisdom:
Life is for us, not against us. Life cares for Life itself.

Favourite book:
Gott empfangen by Jason Shulman

“I truly met God in my own imperfection. The moment I started to accept what I was rejecting before, the door to my heart was wide open. The more I vibrated acceptance, self-care and love for the unloving parts of myself, the more I recognized the divine within me. I now know that the more I gracefully surrender to whatever might be and bow my mind to my heart, the more love and light enters my life.

To love myself means to overcome the very primal and common fear of rejection. The moment I was a humble devotee to my soul and I was listening to this voice, I was able to set healthy boundaries. As a highly sensitive person with a natural connection to the akashic field, I accept that my perception is pretty different – and this is a gift. Life is sacred.