Theresa Maria Zeitz

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Tarot Card Reading (DE/EN/ES)
Explore the magic of tarot, a channel for divine messages. I start a Tarot Card reading by smudging different woods and herbs around your body. This will allow you to arrive in the present moment and to let go of your busy day. I then read the Tarot Cards for you. This can be a general reading to see what pops up for you or based on a specific question you have. To do so, I tune into my intuition and into your energy field. This is where the magic happens. I use the cards as a direct communication method. My spiritual guides are offering me a helping hand as well.

What to expect:
Get ready to explore the magic of tarot, a channel for divine messages.

Intuitive Tarot Reading, Being a Medium, Energy Work, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Chakra Dancing, Herbs and Smudging

Life wisdom:
I do not have a life wisdom, it is always changing.

Favourite book:
I do not have ONE favorite book but I Love “Conversation with God” by Neale Donald Walsch

“If I tell you: I love you, I will feel good, because I also told myself: I love you. When I scream at you, I will feel bad – not because you made me angry, but because I also screamed at myself. To understand that we are all connected is what spirituality truly means to me.

I am a soul, that is hanging out in this body for this lifetime but the essence of Me is everlasting and connected to everything and everyone. This knowledge puts it all into perspective and helps me to be fearless while listening to my Guides from above and around me.