Aleks Kop

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Confidence Coaching (EN)
Making confident decisions and following through them is one of the most important steps in growth and self discovery. Our confidence, our balance, the inner knowing and trust lives within us and we are able to nurture, grow and build on it. Blending different techniques (meditation, conversation, introspective, embodiment) I will create an experience for you to step into your confidence, listen to your most inner voice and start making grounded decisions towards a spiritually balanced and fulfilled life. We recommend to book 90 min. for the first session.
Spiritual Business Coaching (EN)
The current approach to business and leadership leads from the masculine. No wonder we experience so many burnouts, no wonder a lot of us feel not fitting in the rigid work environments. The only way to do anything in life is in balance. Balancing masculine and feminine energetics in business (regardless of gender) is the key to a fulfilling career, quality time and spirituality in life. Hence, in my coachings we will focus on creating a balance between those two energies. We will define your goals, look into what is holding you back from achieving them and create an energetically balanced way (plan) on how to get there. We recommend to book 90 min. for the first session.

What to expect:
Spiritual mentorship, allowing you to connect to your sense of confidence, balance and safety. Making grounded decisions and moving towards your best version of life.

300h Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher, 100h Certified Yoga Life Awakening Mastermind, Personal Coaching Mastery Menthorship & Yogamaya Coaching Mastery Mastermind by Cari Merriam, 50h Yogi Mentorship Yoga Teacher Mastery Training

Life wisdom:
We don’t have to do it alone. Your community is an extension of you, luid it, nurture it, lean on it and create within it. The change comes from one to many.

Favourite book:
Conversations with God 1 by  N. D. Walsch

“I used to think I cannot be all. In the school classroom a teacher once told me I should be more shy. Starting with yoga teachings I always thought I am too much of this and too much of that. One of the biggest pivoting points for me was to realize that I can be it all, I can hold it all and I am all. There is no black or white; you are a hard worker or you are lazy; you are a burnout type A or you are not doing anything; you are spiritual to the 150% every minute of the day or you are closed up not connected to anything; you are giving everything to the point of forgetting yourself or never helping anyone.

None of the parts of us need to be cancelled, reworked or changed, all of us is welcome. My inner work balanced my feminine and masculine energies. And I learned to nurture myself, to let go of the reins and flow in the river of life. And yes I still stumble, but that is welcome too. That allowance softened my edges and invited play, lightness and excitement in everything I do.