Esther Seibt

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Interdisciplinary Session (DE/EN)
Build a New Reality with Esther Seibt, book an INTERDISCIPLINARY SESSIONS in one of the following areas (please send an email to before your session takes place stating the session type you would like to do) 1.Systemic Coaching / NLP / Hypnosis / Behavioral Therapy / Vedic, modern spirituality and neuroscience based work including body, mind & spirit Expect: find doable and effective solutions for pressing questions, hindering behaviors, repetitive patterns. Gain understanding, find clarity, get to know your purpose, build a clear intention, establish new rituals and paths you can walk, with the strength to pull through and the joy to grow from here. Matters of success, relationships, general life decisions, business, repositioning yourself on the market, you name it. 2. Breathwork / Meditation / Kundalini Yoga Expect: Align your ten bodies, become radiant, powerful, open and consistent. Learn the techniques of living mind-over matter, gaining the bravery to look your beast in the ye, uncover your blind spots and establish to live your full potential in this world as a capable, successful, happy, healthy and holy being. 3. Vocal Work / Speaking your Truth / Speaking in Front of Large Audiences / Getting Ready for Camera / Singing Expect: Overcome stage fright, shaky voice, silent speaking and more. Get heard and hear yourself, loud and clear, with integrity and love. Speak from the heart and let heart and mind form an invincible bond. Release old patterns and make room to shine your light into this world, using your voice, body, mind and soul. 4. Panic attacks, Burn-Out-Syndrome, Fears and Depression Expect: learn tools to overcome your panic attack ks in only as little as a couple of sessions. Learn tools how to trick your mind, leaving the patterns of psycho somatic stress reactions and getting into a state of inner peace and reignited focus, to evaluate your true dreams and wishes for life. Make life livable again. Based on the newest findings in Neuroscience, Meditation techniques, Vedic believes and Body, Mind- and Spiritual Alignment 5. Hypnomeditation Expect: Leave the time and space realm. Travel deep into the sub-conscious mind, making hidden truths become visible, uncover blind-spots, clear energetic misbalances and learn to expand from the limited mindset to true wisdom’s knowing. For advanced levels only — meditational experience requested.
Mental Coaching (DE/EN)
In beginning there was the frequency, then there was the perception, then there was the thought, then there was the feeling and then there is the word. And the word is our first non fungible manifestation in this world. Communicating from heart to heart is the purest and most honest form of communication and in order to do that, we need to uncover blocks, accept our shadow and know our true longings. I assist you to use your body, mind & spirit for emitting your truth, your truest needs and deepest wishes, in a holistic form of conscious communication, aligned with body, mind and spirit. I am specialized on detecting energetic blocks, hindering thinking patterns, trauma relief and chakra healing, so that your next conscious and sub-conscious communication serves you and all you wish to connect with.

What to expect:
A deep self-healing experience & exploration of inner peace and connectedness

Systemic Coaching, Certified Energy Healer, studied Psychology, Certified 300h+ Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified in Celestial Communications & The Supreme Sound, Trained in various Meditation & ancient Hypnosis techniques, Trained Crystal Bowl Practitioner, trained actress, singer and speaker

Life wisdom:
A river rises from the middle.

Favourite book:
Krabat by Otfried Preussler

Important Info: Esther now lives in Switzerland and comes to Berlin every few weeks. She offers digital 1:1 session on a regular basis, which can be booked directly via the website. If you’d like to book an in-person session with her, please send your booking request to and we will get in touch with Esther to find a slot for you during her next Berlin visit. 

“My limitations are my biggest challenges and my polarities are necessary for the sake of expansion and growth. Challenges only become visible to those ready to master them. However, it is important to cherish that everything and everyone has their own time, ways and communication to deal with these challenges.

There is no place for judgement or perfection in this. Wholeness is treating ourselves and others as whole and accepting, loving and appreciating all of it. Humbleness and generosity with myself and others is the key to my happiness.