Esther Seibt

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Mental Coaching (DE/EN)
In beginning there was the frequency, then there was the perception, then there was the thought, then there was the feeling and then there is the word. And the word is our first non fungible manifestation in this world. Communicating from heart to heart is the purest and most honest form of communication and in order to do that, we need to uncover blocks, accept our shadow and know our true longings. I assist you to use your body, mind & spirit for emitting your truth, your truest needs and deepest wishes, in a holistic form of conscious communication, aligned with body, mind and spirit. I am specialized on detecting energetic blocks, hindering thinking patterns, trauma relief and chakra healing, so that your next conscious and sub-conscious communication serves you and all you wish to connect with.
Sound therapy w/ Crystal Bowls (DE/EN)
The deeply piercing frequencies of the Crystal Singing Bowls allow the cellular body to open up and release energetic and physical blocks, which we then transform through the assistance of Mantras, Mudras and high frequency healing techniques. Supporting new information will then be interwoven with the energetic body, the soul and mind level, which are getting rewired and finally a holistic self-healing is taking place.

What to expect:
A deep self-healing experience & exploration of inner peace and connectedness

Systemic Coaching, Certified Energy Healer, studied Psychology, Certified 300h+ Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Certified in Celestial Communications & The Supreme Sound, Trained in various Meditation & ancient Hypnosis techniques, Trained Crystal Bowl Practitioner, trained actress, singer and speaker

Life wisdom:
A river rises from the middle.

Favourite book:
Krabat by Otfried Preussler

“My limitations are my biggest challenges and my polarities are necessary for the sake of expansion and growth. Challenges only become visible to those ready to master them. However, it is important to cherish that everything and everyone has their own time, ways and communication to deal with these challenges.

There is no place for judgement or perfection in this. Wholeness is treating ourselves and others as whole and accepting, loving and appreciating all of it. Humbleness and generosity with myself and others is the key to my happiness.