Anneli Bentler

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Light & Sound Bath w/ Crystal Bowls & Vocals

Teaching style:
With sound, music and my voice I gently guide you back to your essence, then home to mother universe. 

15 years experience as a professional musician, composer, producer, singer (education in classical music, BA in pop music design, MA in film music composing), Heilpraktikerin, certified Kinesiologist, certified crystal sound bath teacher. 

Life wisdom:
Tap into the avant-garde to build bridges; create new constellations through converging pathways of relating through sensory expression. The elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Ether) are your alchemical essentials.

Favourite Book:
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.  Nikola Tesla

“Making music has always brought me closer to the universe & my core, it can bring me into a stage of flow & let me experience the Devine. It reminds me that everything is ok. In other words: making music is HEALING me. After decades of pouring my heart into songs, I feel healed (enough), I feel whole again and I knew it was time to pass along the healing I received.

I always knew that day will come where I shift from musician to healing practitioner so I prepared myself. Beside music I’ve educated myself in the field of therapy over the past 12 years – always ready for the shift. Now I combine my musical heart with my healing soul, still making music, still searching for the Devine but with that clear INTENTION TO HEAL. The world needs to heal. It’s not about me anymore but about something way bigger.