Storm Hartley

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Guided Rituals, Sound Journeys, Yoga, Meditation, Somatics, DJ

Teaching style:
Weaving modalities of creative expression in a fusion of embodied presence & activated intuition. 

200h Ashtanga Vinyasa & Meditation Teacher, BFA Dramatic arts (NYU), Human Tuning & Somatic Arts apprentice (Ground Tactics) 

Life wisdom:
Tap into the avant-garde to build bridges; create new constellations through converging pathways of relating through sensory expression. The elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Ether) are your alchemical essentials.

Favourite Book:
The Way of Tarot, The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards – Alejandro Jodorowsky

About Storm:
Storm is an interdisciplinary healing arts facilitator, guiding rituals between sonic meditation, sensory infusions and movement alchemy. Yogic traditions inspired a 200hr study into ancient Vedic practices supported by a BFA degree in Dramatic Arts from NYU. She brings a unique fusion of traditional and creative approaches to teaching and is deeply connected to music and as a multi instrumentalist and techno DJ. Her offering resonates as a sacred moment to reconnect with the synergy of sound and devotional practice.

“One of my earliest initiations came from the Pacific Ocean. I grew up living on a sailboat with my family, immersed entirely in the evocative currents of nature’s unfathomable forces. Her most profound teaching was surrendering and trusting her intrinsic essence to guide in ebb and flow with the tide. 

Deep listening and journeying into the densities of the body catalysed an urge to connect impulse driven movement and liquid essence within a sanctum of water and infinite awareness. I am present here now in the quantum ocean, observing matter and how it behaves – breathing, extending, activating and evolving with the nature of the waves.