Carolin Kröger

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Psychotropic Breath

Teaching style:
Gentle yet fierce. I create a safe haven for you to dive deep into the world of your emotional body, your memories as well as inner wisdom. All through the power of your own breath. This way you get to release energies that have been stuck, creating space for more peace, healing and truth! My approach is very somatic, weaving in movement, sound, grounded touch, and creating a permission slip for your truest expression to come forward. 

Breathwork Facilitator, Sound healing, Meditation, Emotional Transformation Coach

Life wisdom:
The magic is right here if we only dare to see.

Favourite book:
Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

“Coming back into conscious communion with the divine spark of life has brought me more joy, more pain, more magic than I could have ever anticipated. The sweetest embrace of all that is – no more running, no more escaping but staying home with what is alive. I’ve come to find that spirituality is no more than remembering what we are at our core. A gnosis, trusting, a surrender.


Remembering our nature, our truth, our connection to that which sources us. We don’t even have to try. It’s a homecoming, but no rush… We only have forever! Let’s bask in the beauty of this experience, this delicious and sometimes excruciating game, let’s remember how to be with it all! And while we’re at it, let’s play!