Tanya Omkara

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Sound Bath

Teaching style:
Allow yourself to immerse into the power of sound medicine, giving your body and soul a moment to rest and recover. Through sound and my voice, I create a safe space to rest, for personal development, and spiritual growth through sound.

Certified Sound Therapist, Certified Sound Meditation Facilitator & Sound Meditation Trainer. Reiki Practitioner by Usui Reiki System, more than 8 years personal yoga, meditation and energy work practice. 

Life wisdom:
Keep your focus on your mat. It doesn´t matter what others do, what counts is what you do. If you want to change the world, change yourself first.

Favourite book:
The four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz 

“In our „Stay busy Baby”- Culture, I lost myself, felt unbalanced and disconnected. After seeking outside for something meaningful in life at one point, I recognized nothing and no one would come and make me feel whole. Since then, I’m on my personal healing journey, discovering various energy healing methods. But my biggest transformation was created by sound. Music has always been part of my story and has helped me through emotional valleys, but also countless beautiful moments.


After discovering the magic of sound medicine, I felt called to bring this miraculous tool to the world. When we are able to listen to our inner sound again, we reconnect with ourselves, with our essence. If we manage to get back into balance as an individual, then we can also get in touch with nature and understand other living beings.