Chris Cobi

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Psychotropic Breath

Teaching style:
Inspired by spiritual concepts and scientific approaches, I will transform your mind, body, and soul – bringing you closer to the most authentic version of yourself.

Certified Breathwork Facilitator, 200h Certified Yoga Teacher

Life wisdom:
One can only see clearly with the heart

Favourite book:
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

“In my past I strived for external achievement, trying to fill the lack inside. Eventually, this led me into depression, burnout, and suffering from chronic pain for many years. I was far away from being spiritual.

At the bottom point of my life I called out to the universe: If you exist, now would be a great time to guide me. And so it did. Among many things, it taught me to listen to my heart – that inner compass inside – bringing me back to life, love, and joy.