Lea Hauss

What I teach at ŌHIA:

Teaching style:
I offer a dynamic flow to beautiful tunes, including holistic techniques such as pranayama, mudras and mantras. My goal is that you feel grounded, full of joy and happiness when you leave the mat.

400h+ Certified Hatha and Vinyasa Teacher, Certified Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, Certified Pre-/Postnatal Yoga Teacher

Life wisdom:
You can manifest your own reality.

Favourite book:
How not to die by Michael Greger

About Lea:
Lea is a certified Yoga and Ayurveda practitioner. Yoga and Ayurveda have been a part of Lea’s life for many years and have helped her to grow stronger, more flexible, energised and fearless, on and off the mat. Both practices have inspired her to live each moment more mindfully.

“Before moving to Berlin I lived in Hong Kong for 16 years, it is where I fell in love with yoga. It brought me so much peace in such a busy city that my curiosity and love for yoga kept me on this path searching for a deeper meaning of life. When I got pregnant, I discovered Ayurveda, and how these two are sister sciences, and I started understanding how everything we do, think, and feel is connected.

I decided to deepen my knowledge and become someone I wish I knew when I was pregnant. I learned the importance of slowing down and turning inwards, and that our thoughts and emotions should take directions from inside rather than outside. Yoga is a therapy and I feel that my life purpose is to keep sharing that yoga is a way of recreating the body so that it serves a higher purpose.