Natalia Urban

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Hypno-Reiki Healing (with Crystal Bowl Frequencies) (EN/ES)
During this unique experience, you will feel the powerful & expansive fusion of Hypnosis, Usui Reiki, and Sound Healing. Reiki means ‘Universal Vital Energy’ and it is received through healing frequencies and vibrations channelled through hand placements a few centimeters above your body as you enter into a trance-like state of deep relaxation and restoration with the guidance of my voice. Sound healing and sacred symbols will allow further healing and recovery to be expanded through your physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies. This experience will bring reduction of stress & anxiety, removal of toxins at a cellular level, physical & emotional pain relief, improvement of blood flow & sleep, mental clarity & stillness, spiritual remembrance and connection, amongst many others.

What to expect:
A unique and immersive experience where you will experience deep energetic and physical restoration, rest and recalibration. Harmonisation and balancing of chakra centres. Calmness, relaxation, and emotional healing. Subconscious reprogramming, cellular upgrade, awareness expansion, and spiritual connection. Physical pain treatment through energetic body work.

Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, certified in Somatic Attachment Therapy, Sound Healer

Life wisdom:
You are loved, you are cared for. This world needs you.

Favourite book:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

About Natalia:
Natalia is a Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master and Sound Healer. She has a background in Social and Cultural Anthropology and is certified in Somatic Attachment Therapy. Her training and her personal spiritual-emotional-somatic journey with anxiety & inadequacy has deepened her understanding and empathy for the human experience as a whole, as well as her drive to guide other souls into the path of emotional healing, inner wisdom, and spiritual growth. She teaches group Hypnosis with Sound Bath at ŌHIA and offers 1:1 Reiki sessions at ŌHIA.

“Spirituality is coming back HOME. Spirituality is the remembrance of the language of your heart and the texture of your soul. Spirituality is who you are, who you always were, and who you will always be. I believe that our lives as humans, the ups and downs, the good and the challenges, are perfectly orchestrated and designed for us and our  journeys into finding our way back to ourselves. 

The answers we are searching for are within the deepness of who we are. We just need to remember how to listen and how to trust that calling. You become your greatest and most loving guide once you allow yourself to hear Spirit: yourself.