Mitu Iseeyou

What I teach at ŌHIA:
Psychotropic Breath

Teaching style:
I’m holding space and guiding your deep dive into reconnecting with your higher self. To rebalance your body, mind and spirit and to reconnect your shadows with your lights. What does your heart say?

Certified Breathworker Facilitator, Healing Artist

Life wisdom:
Don’t believe everything you think.

Favourite book:
Exit Racism by Tupoka Ogette

“Basically life gave me a lesson. I’ve been in a very dark phase in my life, I call it my “great depression”. I did everything to avoid emotions and feelings, my goal was to be numb. So I had my ways to get to my goal and then there was that one day. Panic attacks kicked in and anxiety took over..

So here I was forced to take care of myself and the classic western medicine did not work for me so I went on the journey to alternative medicine. Breathwork is one of the tools I’ve found that had a massive impact in my healing journey.