Toyah Sitz

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Purpose Coaching (DE/EN)
My practice seeks to be holistic, combining my daily experience as a clinical psychologist with body therapy to help you live a life in alignment with your highest purpose. Based on your needs and individual ideas of a fulfilled life, we will explore what's holding you back and you will get the chance to create alternative visions and narratives for yourself. Pursuing a systemic approach, I believe my clients already have all the knowledge and wisdom they need within them, while it sometimes might feel challenging to access it. By focusing on the communication between mind and body we will stimulate your analytical mind, peel through layers of conditioning and negative beliefs to reignite your intuition and deeper explore your own self. We will develop a structure for everything that will emerge from within you and finally we will find ways to let your heart navigate towards finding balance.
Relationship Coaching (DE/EN)
In relationship counseling we will explore your relationship with the external world living in a world of interconnectedness and connect it to your internal experience. By exploring your relational attachments, bonds and experiences, in coaching you will be provided with different tools for authentic intentional relating, helping you make thoughtful and intentional decisions concerning the relationship with yourself and others. In the end our world is an intricate network of relationships of every conceivable type and variety. Most importantly the one with yourself. What if you gave it your full attention and devotion?

What to expect:
My practice is holistic and follows a systemic approach. Within you there is all the knowledge and wisdom you need to live a life in alignment with your highest purpose – let’s access it together. 

Systemic Psychotherapist in training with a master degree in Clinical Psychology and additional trainings in Energetic Body Psychotherapy, Relationship Counselling, Tantra and Spiritual Healing

Life wisdom:
There’s truly beauty waiting in the shadows if we only have the courage to look.

Favourite book:
Earth is Hiring by Peta Kelly

“Spirituality to me isn’t a wishy washy love and light the pain away – ayahuasca kinda magic. Spirituality to me is everyday life. It is finding peace in being human. But what does being human even mean? For me that´s embracing a life full of contradictions with a full bear-hug. A balanced life in between opposite and competing forces which do not cancel each other out, but merely balance each other like the dual wings of a bird.

Thus celebrating the highs, navigating through the lows, while touching base with our soul along the way. I strongly believe by allowing ourselves to be human, taking radical responsibility for our life, we will be able to see magic in the mundane and invite our soul to find peace in everything. Thus, spirituality can be found in meditating as much as throwing a tantrum.