Xica Lisboa

What I offer at ŌHIA:

Thai Yoga Massage (DE/EN)
In Thai Yoga Massage we aim to balance the energy system of the receiver. We work on specific lines with acupressure and stretches thus clearing out blockages and improving the energy flow. It is a holistic full body treatment. That being said, it is possible to put a focus on certain areas to address stiffness in the shoulders, lower back pain, hurting knees, etc. The massage will be performed dressed (loose and comfortable clothes are recommended)

What to expect:
To be welcomed in a calm and caring energy into a safe space to surrender. I finish the Thai Massage with a soft craniosacral touch, which relieves tension in the central nervous system, promoting a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. 

Certified Traditional Thai Massage Therapist by ITM and The Sunshine Network, Trained Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, Somatic Dance Educator, Trained Gong Player, Thetahealing® Practitioner, BA in Communication and Arts of the Body (Performing Arts), major in Dance and Performance

Life wisdom:
Be kind. Be present. Be movement. Inwards and in relation. I am here and I am available.

Favourite book:
Zen Body-Being by Peter Ralston

“Every practice that invites us to a holistic presence can be a practice of spirituality. The deeper we investigate our body – through touch, sensing, movement, experiencing – the more we become aware of its own connectedness. Up to a level where there is continuum movement of life, and where we cannot say it is only the physical body. When we massage, we are not only massaging a body. We are resonating with a living being and the continuum of life that runs through them.

We are tapping into the interconnectedness between us and that life and all life around us. When this happens we access unconditional love in its source. And so this is a practice of spirituality, when awareness and intention are so addressed. Spirituality means to me the consciousness of a force and source of life and the search for the experience of oneness with it and all.