WE ACT TO BETTER THE WORLD. With ŌHIA we want to bring a piece of nature into the middle of the bustling city. From the very beginning it was of utmost importance to us that our concept feels close to nature in each and every aspect and that we contribute to a world and mind-set that future generations are happy to live in. 

Starting with our name: Ōhi’a is a sacred evergreen tree endemic to the islands of hawai’i. This flowering beauty is one of the very first plants to spring from the soil after lava flows from a volcano. Much like our own inner peace, the Ōhi’a tree possesses the power to flourish even on the roughest of terrains.

Closeness to nature and sustainability were key priorities in the design and creation of ŌHIA, informing every element from architectural considerations to our selection of collaborators. 

Responsible for architecture and interior design is “MAG Interior Design” workshop, who specialize in boutique studios. Understanding that the world surrounding today’s metropolitan individuals is increasingly hyper fast paced and overwhelming with digital noise, the architectural response had to be one that favours a deep, calm and focused experience. The space is built up of consecutive sequences, inspired from observations of temples and natural oasis. We utilized natural, nearly unprocessed materials wherever possible and applied the principles of biophilic design, in other words inviting nature into the space with plants, a nature-inspired light and scent concept.

The majority of free-standing furniture in our space originates from Berlin design studio NUTSANDWOODS, who embed environmental sensitivity throughout their entire production process. Beyond responsible sourcing and preservation of local and natural materials, longevity is inherent in the reduced forms and modularity of the studio’s pieces, lending their evolving collection a resolute timelessness.

We have chosen URBANARA to add finishing, cosy accents to our space – including an assortment of their elegant pillows and rugs. Expert hand-crafters bring generations of knowledge to URBANARA’s timeless, simple style. Relaxed crinkles, untreated fibres and neutral, modern colour palettes combine sustainability with comfort, helping to bring you closer to elements of the natural world – and to feelings of harmony and relaxation.

Foto: Waldemar Salesski

In our showers and bathrooms you will find that we have partnered up with the natural care brand LES ROOTS. Their products are characterized by naturalness, high effectiveness, sustainability and responsibility for Mother Nature. They strongly believe in the power of plants and do not use artificial preservatives or genetically modified ingredients and of course don’t conduct any animal testing.

We are furthermore committed to raise awareness for an animal-free diet and products. We are 100% vegan with all products, food and beverages we offer at ŌHIA. 

Foto: Waldemar Salesski